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  • 24 Oct 2019
    First, you must understand if you truly need an Airbnb property management company as discussed in the prior article. With the tools available, you can often reduce your time commitment considerably while increasing your income and the guest experience. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, I lay out exactly how I remotely manage all my Airbnb listings, some I’ve never seen in person.   However, some people are not cut out to be an Airbnb host for any number of reasons. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I salute you for knowing yourself. But knowing yourself if just half the battle. Now, you need to find and choose a good Airbnb property management company.     Choosing the wrong Airbnb property management company will cost you time and money. Choosing the right company will save you time and earn you more money.   Pros of a Good Airbnb Property Management Company   A year-round impeccably clean home Professionals handling home maintenance, repairs, and upgrades Faster respond times to guests (increases conversion rate from inquiry to reservation) Round the clock on-call emergency contact Knowledge (how Airbnb works, handling insurance claims, recommendations for trusted smart locks, etc.) Connections (established and trialed cleaners, maintenance staff, etc.) Increased occupancy and nightly rate as they should be monitoring this regularly   Questions To Ask Your Potential Airbnb Property Manager   Choose a few of the below questions to ask based on what’s important to you or what’s lacking from the information you were able to gather from them with your online research. Always dig for more. Ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ often:     Do you monitor guest reviews? What is the biggest issue you have with managing all of your properties? What percentage of their existing hosts are Superhosts? How do you handle early check-in and late check-out requests? Will I have my own account or does my listing go on your account? How do you hire cleaners? How do they price your calendar? How long does the average host stay with the company? Who would the guest contact at 11 pm on a Friday night? Or 6 am on a Tuesday morning? Do they use an Airbnb message automation service? What Does An Airbnb Property Management Company Charge?   What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Airbnb Property Manager   Let’s assume you found this article after you already hired a bad Airbnb property management company and you want to fire them. First, you need to read the contract.   Next, you want to find what your options are. It’s possible you don’t have many. Finally, you always want to remain on positive terms with the Airbnb property management company. They should be a professional organization.
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  • 26 Oct 2019
    Foam insulation   Foam insulation is what keeps hot foods, hotter, longer, in delivery bags. It is found between the outer layer of fabric and the inner lining of the bag, acting to reduce heat conduction (the transfer of heat through a solid), with its excellent insulating abilities. We carry insulated food delivery bags with 1″ or 2″ thick insulation within their cores.   Foam insulation can be closed cell or open cell in nature, with closed cell being a better insulator, but significantly more expensive, heavier, and rigid than open cell foam.   Open cell foam is less expensive than closed cell foam, light in weight, and easy to compress, making it ideal for insulating delivery bags in food service applications. Rarely will you find closed cell insulation in an insulated delivery bag.     Types of Foam Insulation   There are three main types of foam insulation used in insulating delivery bags: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), and polyester.   Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam Insulation   A type of thermoplastic polymer, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a durable, cost-effective material. It’s available in hard or soft forms, with soft PVC being the more common form used in insulating delivery bags. Soft PVC is extremely flexible thanks to a higher concentration of plasticizer than hard PVC contains. It’s also resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals, making it ideal for high volume food service applications.   Polyurethane (PU) Foam Insulation   Commonly referred to as PU, polyurethane is a polymer that is considered to be a highly resilient, flexible, and durable material. It’s extremely versatile, and because it’s PVC free, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a foam insulation option.   Polyurethane is breathable thanks to its open cell design, which means it’s also highly resistant to mildew and won’t trap odors. It’s also light weight, making it ideal for food delivery personnel to carry from one location to the next.   We offer polyurethane-insulated food bags and polyurethane-insulated pizza bags.     Polyester Foam Insulation   Polyester foam is a type of polyurethane that features a higher tensile strength than its polyurethane foam counterpart (polyether). This results in a foam that is just as flexible, breathable, and light weight as traditional polyurethane foam, but with superior cut resistance, too.   Insulated Food Delivery Bag Uses     Delivering foods from kitchen to customer can prove to be challenging without the right tools for successful delivery.   Pizzas may get cold before they arrive to their destination, and they may get shuffled around in their pizza boxes.   Cans of soda may get shaken up, sandwiches may deconstruct, and your signature mac-and-cheese may lose its cheese during transport.   This is where insulated food delivery bags come into the picture.
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  • 05 Feb 2020
    Salesforce is a very influential and powerful business tool with a vast variety of functionalities and incredible features. To make full use of all the functions, you have to know all the Salesforce best practices, tips and tricks to help get the maximum output of the tool. To make smarter decisions, hire a Salesforce Consulting Partner to help you gain the knowledge and train for your team from the latest features and upgrades. Whether you’re a Salesforce professional looking for ways to enhance your knowledge and skills or an end-user looking for some exciting ways to boost Salesforce performance in your business, the best approach to get results from using Salesforce is to analyze its user base. The Renowned Salesforce Ohana Possibly as trendy as the technology itself, the Salesforce Ohana is also a strong and famous community, where sharing knowledge and appropriate support happens, optimized by the companies. The Trailblazer community of Salesforce offers an enormous platform of both beginners and practiced professionals, to talk about their tech troubles with the addition of Salesforce professionals to provide their expert help. The back bone of this community is mostly Salesforce bloggers and influencers. These people contribute their free time to communicate with Salesforce professionals, openly discussing their gaps in knowledge and practical challenges therefore, creating a rich and meaningful content to help others. Salesforce also provides an open-education platform Trailhead, comprising with the many deep-rooted Salesforce blogs, discussions and user groups. It is assisting and inspiring various fresh Salesforce professionals to understand the network over the last few years. How Salesforce Consulting Partner Can Assist You? Becoming a part of the Salesforce community will not only keep you up to date with the trends within Salesforce, but it will also help you to find a perfect consulting partner who will help you at every stage when working with your Salesforce investment. These are just a few of the benefits that you will get when you have a consulting partner beside you. Gain awareness of latest products and upgrades Find products that make your work easier Facilitate all essential integrations Leverage the advantage of customization Highlight and follow the relevant influencing Professionals  These five tips are a collaboration from the top experts and bloggers of the Ohana community.  A consulting partner will help you to grab every bit of knowledge to benefit your business. Summary Salesforce’s suite of business products is continuously changing and upgrading to bring enhanced features, for which you need to update your software approximately every three months. With a Salesforce consulting partner, all these challenges fade away and in addition, they will train your staff about the practical functionalities and advantages of each new upgrades.  Moreover, Lightning is very effective in providing an easy way to customize your interface without any need to write code, which can be extremely challenging for people who don’t have a technical background. So, if you want to empower your business with your Salesforce investment, an experienced Salesforce Consulting Partner will help you to make the most suitable decision in your business. ExistBI has experienced consultants in the US, UK and Europe, contact them today for more details.
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  • 11 Dec 2019
    To getsecure data-driven results in your business, it is really important to decide which data governance approach your company will adopt for the security of data and content. An ideal governance infrastructure should be safe and allow organizational employees to access data for decision-making. Tableau Blueprint presents three data governance strategies that can help business leaders implement a data-driven transformation. You can begin your research on data governance by enrolling in Tableau Classes. Check out three business strategies you can use to update your organization; Centralized It is common practice for the IT department to uphold the data and analytics environment of any organization. It organizes and manages various data sources and reports to make them accessible by analysts and all business users. Consequently, if you don’t have a centralized data governance structure, you should get it as soon as possible. A centralized IT environment fulfills the following requirements:  Enhance data literacy or skills of users in the organization. Thorough monitoring is required for extremely sensitive data. A traditional IT or data strategy that is accessible anytime. Delegated This strategy doesn’t require centralized departments, but in the delegated model, the accessibility and authority are given to the employees throughout different teams. This can be achieved by hiring a site administrator or project leader for changing the responsibilities in Tableau Server. Delegated models include a list of processes at different levels to validate and certify data or content before publishing. In several delegation structures, delegated members validate the content from the centralized IT team before processing for further requirements. A delegated data governance structure is good for the following purposes: Data literacy is good in some areas. General data can be handled securely, but sensitive data cannot be delivered directly to outside employees. It drives your enterprise towards independent governance and service with trusted data.  You have to get the data certified by an authorized team. The centralized IT team can present better production to do reporting and managing data requests. Self-Governing Content writers continuously create data through Tableau desktop or Explorers in web edit. Nowadays, every person, whether it is a user or viewer, has data-literacy. Using self-governing, the content is separated, as an ad-hoc, sandbox or certified content for making the publishing more clear and accurate. It requires good analytics skills for the people in the organization.    You should go for a self-governing strategy for the following reasons: Data literacy is excellent across the organization, and users can get answers for their own queries using data.  The production by the IT department is augmented to a great extent. You get an open data policy in your organization and all the employees can access the data sources.   Conclusion Data Governance models strategize the security needs of data sources and content, imparting all-new ways to get data-driven results with fewer efforts. Tableau blueprint offers easy data governance strategies that can help the business owners to get a centralized infrastructure for managing, validating and publishing data securely and providing actionable insights to employees or other users. As a business leader, it is really important to have a comprehensive strategy for data governance, so you may opt for Tableau training for your technical personnel to equip your IT department. ExistBI offers unique Tableau Bootcamps which combine different levels of training in an efficient way.  For Tableau courses and Tableau consulting services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, contact ExistBI.
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Other 262 views Feb 05, 2020
Simple and Easy Accounting Guidelines for Small Businesses

For your small businesses, you need some smart professional accountant in your region. In this blog, we are going to discuss some solid suggestions advised by many accountants across the globe. These suggestions will save you a lot of money. So let's get into the tips…

Top Accounting Guidelines

  1. Keeps it simple starting out (KISS). It is the easiest way to run your first business which is called proprietorship. This way, you don't need any special communication or filings to the inside revenue service until you giving payment to your employees.
  2. As an individual proprietor, you are the owner and you might need only getting an occupational license if your state or municipality permits one. As the owner, you have to pay all kinds of tax collections on the wholesale or retail sales your business collects. Businesses sales associated with service as well as cross-state sales are free from state tax collections.
  3. If you're worried about personal responsibility as an individual proprietorship then do the easiest and cheapest thing which is to purchase a personal liability umbrella policy. One of the best ways to ignore liability is to get your trade well and keep perfect records like managing Netthandel on Visma eAccounting.
  4. Focus on developing your business not making contact with the IRS. As an individual proprietor, the IRS will not even know that you exist until you pay your first personal income tax return. This tax return will add a schedule C which makes contact all of the sales and costs you measure in Visma for your business. These sales and costs don't have to be in a different bank account as mandated by the Incorporation or LLC format. An individual proprietor loss offset your day job's income to give a possible tax refund.
  5. Most of the small businesses change their ownership in the first 5 years. Plan your business to thrive but if it falls under a sole proprietor you simply stop doing business. No communication or special forms with the IRS, no additional taxes to get your investment returned and no high accounting fees to close out your entity.
  6. Most of the sole proprietorship asks how they get paid! The answer is to take the money out as a draw. No quarterly forms or No payroll taxes needed. That's why most starting businesses lose their money in the first several years to pay their living expenses.
  7. After passing the startup period (in most common cases, 5 years), you can talk with a CPA about another entity type that will provide you some tax benefit. An easy bookkeeping entry transfers all the business assets from the sole proprietorship into the new entity without any tax penalties. After that quit your daily job and celebrate your new livelihood.