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  • 19 Dec 2019
    Prior on the release of World of Warcraft games, Blizzard's intention allowing Warcraft players to afford transfers in classic games was obvious, but on the current situation, it really is unclear when Blizzard Entertainment will become the payment transfer project. After the overall game team started the normal server repair this morning, they changed some options in the sport. By the time players can officially search online, they'll be aware of the modifications made in the action. Although players have experienced the option of paid transfers, to date the official has not yet turned on this feature. In the sport, players can clearly observe that they can now transfer their characters with other servers for $ 25 plus some Classic WOW Gold prices. It's unclear what attitude players have towards this paid item, however for me personally, I think the price tag on this item could be lowered a lttle bit. Over recent years months, Blizzard has allowed limited free transfers on servers with a lot of players, and so, serious player imbalances are actually created on a number of the servers now. Due towards the influx of players in the same server, it really is severely reduced how many players on other servers. It has even affected the emergence in the embarrassing scene of absence of peers to challenge the dungeon. However, a very important factor that has improved is always that players with poor game experiences on account of long server queues and unbalanced camps can proceed to specific servers totally free to solve their problems. But before that, it absolutely was the only free path for players to maneuver their characters from server to a new. After this paid project was officially launched, I also found a few of these points, one example is: players can just use the paid transfer role project once in 3 months. After you utilize this opportunity, you is only able to transfer your role to an alternative server when you wait for a couple of months. So you'll want to think carefully before players start paying transfer roles. At the same time, we have a limit on the amount of WOW Classic Gold For Sale characters can take from server completely to another. Depending on their level, players of PvE servers can not be transferred to PvP servers. Just each week before Blizzard decided permitting paid transmissions, the launch of an cross-field battlefield made it feasible for server-to-server vs player projects. Before the other day, players could only communicate with other players within the server.
    488 Posted by Ambroise Pierre
  • 14 Jan 2020
    Recently, "World of Warcraft" officially announced that the last major version of the expansion pack "Warcraft Azeroth" update "World of Warcraft 8.3: The Illusion of Enzos" has been officially launched on January 14. The 8.3 version has a lot of content, including new missions, new prestige and new daily for two old maps, a new orange cloak, and a new single-player PVE game size fantasy. However, the most important content is the large team copy of 8.3-Neorosa. Players will face the Enzos method to start the battle. After the battle, if the players can win, they will get WOW Classic Gold For Sale. Many prizes. This version will also explain the ending of the ancient god that has been laid for many years. Neorosa is the dark empire of the ancient god Enzos. The official introduction said: "Niorosa, once a sleeping city, has now awakened. For thousands of years, Enzos returned to his throne in the dark empire for the first time. His army swarmed from the dark hall, again bringing devastating chaos to Azeroth. The mad invasion made the world tremble with it, a plan came to an end. The warriors of the Horde and the Alliance once again gathered to go to the home of this ancient enemy, and the final battle that will determine the fate of the universe will soon be ushered in. "Norosa has a total of 12 team leaders, and can drop equipment up to 485. Destiny fantasyThe black dragon emperor Ragio, although he made a lot of preparations, was still unable to escape the madness that had corrupted his father. After the black prince's mind was distorted by Enzos, he believed that he could truly guard Azeroth only in the name of the ancient god. Rashio is no longer a prince, he ascended the throne he deserved, and became the black dragon emperor. At the same time as Maute, the ancient subunit Zerg rise from the desert, their prophets began to build an obsidian destroyer, and infused the essence of the ancient gods. Driven by the never-ending thirst for magic, Mahut swallowed up its creator's mana as soon as he woke up, leaving only their bodies to rot under the scorching sun of Uldum. For players, the indispensable in the game is Vanilla WOW Gold. Now there are better ways to obtain Warcraft gold without planting it yourself. Zzwow can provide players with a lot of cheap gold, to a certain extent Can help players save a lot of time. The prophet Sketra, who is good at manipulating illusions, always feels supreme happiness when he perplexes the victim in the imagination of indistinguishable truth and shivering in fear. Those who cannot see through his tricks will be lost in Neorosa forever. Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, the whispers of the ancient gods can hardly be resisted, and those who are lucky enough to fall into the clutches of Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. Cruel and addictive, Shanesh is good at slowly stripping away the rationality of the prey in his hand and turning it into a firm follower of Enzos. She has always been proud of it.
    453 Posted by Ambroise Pierre
  • 17 Jan 2020
      On January 14, Pacific Time, Blizzard officially released version 8.3 of World of Warcraft. Visions of N’Zoth is officially launched. With the expectations of players, this update received 10 million downloads in a short period of time. This shows that players are crazy about World of Warcraft. Despair and madness devoured the land of Azeroth, and the heroes of the Horde and Alliance needed to maintain their sanity and fight for this scarred world. Explore the future of Azeroth as foreseen by the ancient god N’Zoth, and hone your mind in maddening raids and appalling illusions. Prepare for N’Zoth raid and Horror IllusionsN’Zoth is trying to make Azeroth part of his twisted future. If you want to defeat N’Zoth and destroy his army, there are some conditions that need to be met. Hard condition: You need to have enough Cheap WOW Classic Gold.Level requirement: 120 to unlock Nashattar and complete a series of guided missions, until they set foot on the "return road" with Magni Bronzebeard. Activate the Furnace of Hearts and unlock the essence system of Azeroth's Heart. If you meet these conditions, you can start the guided quest line, investigate the status of the Azeroth Titan facility with Magni, lead to a larger story line, and start the raid events of Uldum and Fairview Valley. When the raid event in these two areas is turned on, it will also unlock the ghost illusion, and finally guide you to the legendary cloak "Ashla Camas, the protection of determination", which can help you as you penetrate the raid area and the ghost illusion You resist the corruption of N'Zoth. With Ragio's help, you will also continue to increase the resistance of the new cloak to corruption. Note: You need to complete the storyline to unlock N’Zoth Assault and Horror Illusions, and they will also allow you to get the essence of the N’Zoth theme and new Corrosive Gear. Players will cooperate with Magni in the questline and get a new ability called Titan Purification, which can purify the Virgin Corrosion Equipment, but the benefit of Corrosion Equipment will also disappear. However, you must collect corrupted souvenirs in N’Zoth's apparition before you can use Titan Purification. If you want to get more buff effects, then you have to have stronger strength. Using Classic WOW Gold can help your weapons and suits have a lot of ability bonuses. This can help you greatly improve your strength in the game, and now Classic WOW Gold at ZZWOW can be obtained at the cheapest price.
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  • 23 Dec 2019
    ArdenwealdArdenwild will be the home in the night elves, the elves of nature, defending individuals who have deprived the souls here of rebirth and re-entered living cycle. Ardenwild would be a bit such as Emerald Dream from the Shadow Nation. The soul of Cenarius lives here. RevendrethRevendreth is simply designed in accordance with Hazzikostas himself. Proud and defective souls live here, and there's Gothic architecture and darkness everywhere. This is also the very first raid inside film domain. World of Warcraft: Shadow Earth ContractOne with the biggest new features with the contract shadow zone. Every area you venture to is governed with a faction for instance Kyrian or Night Fae, and the've a specific purpose from the next life. As you assist each faction, they may reward you with specific gear and WOW Classic Gold and 2 special abilities: is specific for a class and also the other is universal. Once you've got completed the primary campaign and reached the brand new level cap, you may choose an agreement to ally. This will permanently unlock the relevant skills of those particular factions, as well as a unique set of armor. Choosing a covenant begins a long journey of exploration, which is to be the final game of Shadow Continent. You can think of binding agreement as the command hall of an legion. The contract also unlocks a conclusion process system called "soul binding", and that we don't have much information about this at the moment. Customizable characters for many game racesShadowlands will even introduce several new character customization options, including face shapes which are more representative of ethnic minorities, not simply different skin discoloration. Each game can have additional options, for example tattoos and hairstyles, to help expand distinguish from other players. As a particular surprise, Hazzikostas also says every race may now choose the role from the death knight. Originally, i thought this was first introduced from the Wrath with the Lich King update when locking race. But now all Alliance races and Pandaren can find the role of Death Knight.
    447 Posted by Ambroise Pierre
Business 329 views Mar 18, 2020
Patch Notes of POE: Delirium


 Buy POE Currency

The POE: Delirium version just updated a few days ago has pushed players to a whole new climax. The design that introduces many elements brings waves of excitement to players. At the same time, the new skills and integrated orbs and the rewards brought by the horror fantasy are far more than those seen on the surface. The expansion function is also ready, waiting for the player's courage to move forward.

Here is a complete description of Patch 3.10 on The Way to Exile.

The DCL-game design team has introduced an unprecedented league, he is the Delirium Challenge League, which can give players a new experience. As players progress through the dungeon, you will be challenged by various monsters, and the game process will become more difficult. But defeat the enemy and you will get Cluster Jewels and POE CURRENCY. By inserting Cluster Jewels in an external slot, players can gain new skills. Maybe you can find POE Orbs on a foggy map and use Delirium Splinters.

New Buy POE Items Seven new gems have been added to the new version, which can give you new power. There is a kinetic arrow, which can launch a wand attack, and the blade explodes, detonating the blade at your location. Try to find these gems to increase your spell arsenal and make it strong.

New POE Items-If you log in to the game and participate in the competition, you will find that a dozen new unique items have been added to the game. Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts is just one of them, and there are more useful items with larger damage values , Players can use shards to exchange these items, and before this game there was no such gameplay. As long as you have a brand new gem, you will be able to create brand new ways to play and complete different links and rewards as you think.

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