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  • 11 Feb 2020
    Corn Sheller is very important now, and the corn harvest season is coming soon. Now the society has reached the time when wine aroma is also afraid of deep alley. Many good products need to strengthen publicity and promotion to the outside world. If not, it will be difficult to survive. Online promotion is now the best promotion method for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a quick and economical way both in terms of manpower and material resources, and good products need such promotion.  Good things cannot be buried in the market. The corn thresher produced by hongxiang seeder Machinery is a new type of corn thresher. Our hongxiang seeder Machinery's equipment has our guidance and help throughout the whole process, whether you buy it or use it in the end. It really makes you feel at ease and happy.
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  • 10 Mar 2020
    Prevention of seedling diseases: The main diseases affecting seedling survival include root rot, damping-off, damping-off and fusarium wilt.  If the Manual Fertilizer Seeder does not carry out soil disinfection and seedling treatment, and then carries out treatment after transplanting, even if a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources are spent, a meaningful prevention effect cannot be achieved.  Therefore, disease prevention at seedling stage is the key.  Sudangkuling for damping-off and damping-off can prevent and treat both diseases at the same time.  Carbendazim wettable powder with 98% concentration for fusarium wilt;  Root rot disease is treated with root rot spirit with a concentration of 70%. Pay attention to the growth of seedlings: the seedlings should be hardened before transplanting with the transplanter, so that the seedlings can adapt to the new environment quickly after transplanting.  When transplanting seedlings, they should be transplanted with soil, fertilizer and medicine so as to facilitate the robust growth of seedlings.  The seedlings should be large and strong, and the diseased and weak seedlings should be removed.  Pay close attention to the change of temperature: transplant should be carried out in the morning of sunny day and the root should be fully watered.  If the temperature is low, even if the seedlings are strong, they cannot be transplanted.  The vegetable seedlings in the open field should be covered with plastic film after transplanting to preserve heat and moisture.  If you want to know which manual fertilizer planter is better, please contact us by phone.
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  • 25 Feb 2020
    Extension Function of Manual Fertilizer Seeder; 1, voltage overrun maintenance 2, intelligent calculation of water supply on demand. Long-distance control function of mobile phone APP. Internet of Things Node Function (P2P Long Distance Node). 5, automatic fertilizer distribution function (liquid fertilizer) Automatic control of water intake of fertilizer mixing barrel (control according to liquid level). 7, different crops, fertilizer injection process management function (formula) 8, fertilizer barrel automatic cleaning function Real-time monitoring function of fertilizer injection pressure Automatic conditioning function of fertilizer injection amount. Precision seeding function. Users choose the irrigation method of small-area drip irrigation, which is not suitable for large-flow fertilizer injection pump mode. It is suggested to choose DC estrangement fertilizer injection pump. The user needs to submit 4 parameters of primary irrigation volume, water consumption, irrigation pressure, irrigation area and crops, so as to reasonably select the parameters of fertilizer injection pump.
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  • 03 Mar 2020
    With the development of science and technology, water and fertilizer integrated fertilizing machines are increasingly used in vegetable planting. Water and fertilizer integrated automatic fertilizing machines can carry out more scientific drip irrigation fertilization and management according to the types and amounts of fertilizer needed by crops, the absorption capacity of soil, the growth and characteristics of crops, and the impact of climate changes on crops, thus effectively saving irrigation water, and the yield and sales of agricultural products are also greatly increased.Hongxiangseeder Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed various types of fertilizing machines, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels. The Manual Fertilizer Seeder is simple in structure, convenient to operate, suitable for various environments, can well control the fertilizing flow and greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.So what are the models of hongxiangseeder manual fertilizer seeder?  Let's recommend it to youIf the customer of manual fertilizer seeder has limited investment budget and wants to use a fertilizing machine that is easy to operate and easy to use manually, he can choose one from Hongxiangasederjyx-a, JYX-B, SGL-A and jyx-e. these fertilizing machines are manual fertilizing machines, with single-path fertilizing machine, two-path fertilizing machine and three-path fertilizing machine. the control area is from 3 mu and 5 mu to tens of mu and hundreds of mu.If customers want to choose intelligent and easy-to-use automatic fertilizing machines, they can choose from hongxiangasederznx-a, ZNX-B, ZNX-BL, ZNX-C, ZNX-D, ZNX-E, znx-f. the above models are all automatic fertilizing machines for vegetable planting, with different functions according to different models. models a and b are all ordinary automatic fertilizing machines with 7-inch touch screens, and can automatically irrigate and fertilize through program design.  C and D are soilless cultivation and fertilization machines.  E and F models are hongxiangseeder high-end equipment fertilizing machine, 20-way solenoid valve control, mobile phone app remote operation, which can connect with Internet of Things weather stations, especially suitable for large-scale park planting.
    366 Posted by hongxiang luu
Business 334 views Mar 17, 2020
Fertilizer Machine Confidential Maintenance Work

In order to improve the working efficiency of the fertilizing machine, it is necessary to do a good job of post-maintenance and pay attention to the maintenance of the fertilizing machine components, which can improve the service performance and prolong the service life of the fertilizing machine. What are the main maintenance components of the fertilizing machine?

  1. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the water pump, which is an important component of the fertilizing machine. During use, regular cleaning should be carried out to clean the bearings and the surface of the water pump to prevent rust from affecting the appearance. Regular lubricating oil filling should be carried out to ensure the lubricity of the water pump bearings.
  2. After a long period of use, the Fertilizer Machineshall regularly clean the filter screen to avoid the influence of filter blockage on normal work. The filter screen shall be cleaned in time to ensure normal performance.

3, when operating the fertilizing machine should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of regulations, to avoid damage to parts caused by illegal operation wear, regular maintenance work on the fertilizing machine every year, timely replacement of worn parts, provide the utilization rate of the fertilizing machine.