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  • 29 Mar 2020
    Development studio Grinding Gear Games has released a new patch for the delirium league, which is mainly adapted to Hack and Slays Path of Exile (PC, PS4, Xbox One), but players have not enjoyed the convenience brought by major changes.What has been updated in the new patch? In addition to the necessary bug fix updates, in Patch 3.10.1, the improved Path of Exile (PoE) delirium view and POE Currency will also be presented to players. There are also updates that help you better understand what death modifiers some monsters have. Under normal circumstances, many effects can be more clearly seen through the rational use of patches. Moreover, the Path of Exile Currency will be better allocated. Players can use the map device to select the atlas task in a straightforward manner, and it will have a larger aura effect, and will no longer be affected by the enemy's aura of benefit.How do players react to the release of the new update? In essence, this is very exciting because some interesting and important changes have been added. But things have two sides. One important point was missed.What did players miss? In the delirium area where the new alliance joins, players have little chance to collect rewards, as the number of battles with monsters will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, there is not a lot of time to carry all the POE Items at all. Therefore, players must also visit these areas multiple times, and this backtracking increases the anxiety of players.There were developers who asked for information that could not determine if the timer could be adjusted so that players had enough time to collect rewards. So far, this has not happened. The newly released patch also announced that it will not change the timer.
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  • 26 Mar 2020
    Path of Exile players struggled through the dangerous encounters of the cooked food league, but they were particularly afraid of a terrible mechanism: the death effect. Because the hero can deal with the horror of the Ir Nebula to some extent, but when a dead monster suddenly releases a devastating bullet to them, the fun stops, just like the life of a hero. At this time, POE Currency is especially important, it can make players have stronger fighting power. A single entry in the patch notes for Patch 3.10.1 now allows players to jump happily into the air: "Target explosive monsters now have a charge animation before exploding. They no longer explode on contact."Previously, players noticed dangers were just around them, and it was often too late. Now, thanks to the colored instructions, this mechanism should no longer imply a certain death: "The red tint is added to explosive monsters looking for targets and the ground objects they make."If the monster died in patch 3.10.0 and triggered a harmful effect, there should now also be a "light" that tells the player the type of damage caused by this activated skill.Gift for Corona: At Path of Exile, you get a free Free mystery box due to the pandemic, but it is worth noting that POE Orbs, POE Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb and various other POE Items will appear randomly in this box.As with the previous Betrayal or Veterans Alliance, the Lowlands has become a popular farm location. Since some drops, such as Simulacrum debris, can fall to various locations, it is easy to immediately cultivate, for example, through linear areas such as DieHafenbrücke. Developers stop here: Compared to the Atlas area, the robbery there is no longer as rewarding as before because the ir rewards bar is adjusted in the exposed area.
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  • 02 Apr 2020
    Each item in Path of Exile has a unique function of obtaining additional income (POE Currency). The currency of the game is divided into Scrolls series and Orbs series. Simply put, the currency items in each version have their existing value and role, but in general, they play the role of trading medium in the game and pay for POE Items.In Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium, the most popular currency item is none other than the Cluster Jewel. With it on the passive skill tree, new gameplay can be developed throughout the league. There are many ways to update and upgrade its acquisition and use, and the purpose of this article is to help you generate benefits by using Cluster Jewels and more In-Delirium items.Players really care about how to make POE Currency, because it is related to upgrades and loots, which is very important for earning additional POE Delirium Currency through Cluster Jewel. First, let's start with the Cluster Jewels that players care about most. In the development process of Delirium League, Cluster Jewels occupies a pivotal position, which means that the passive skill tree may be affected by the notables, size, level, and text of Cluster Jewel, thus affecting the construction of POE. The entire Delirium League also Will face challenges. In general, although players can collect items by attacking monsters or crafted with POE Currency, the drop rate of rare currency items in POE is too low, so this approach is very difficult. POE Currency can not only affect the use of Cluster Jewel, but also vice versa. Jewels can also be used to make POE currency. Not counting this, because players will encounter more dangerous enemies and more difficult challenges than before, but they will also get richer rewards in Delirium than before, so they play an important role in POE build and Atlas map .There are some ways to obtain POE currency in the new alliance. Throughout the entire Path of Exile, all currency items are divided into four types: normal, magic, rare or unique, each of which can be used specially. Even powerful devices can be obtained with some rare spheres. The degree of change varies. Ordinary players can only obtain POE Currency in the POE by snatching the treasure chests dropped by monsters, trading with hawkers in the town or Farming or Crafting, which is almost their daily game. Although the acquisition efficiency is low with a long time period, these methods are not difficult for ordinary players.The new endgame in Delirium has more benefits in farming than previous bossing loops. Players who want to obtain a large number of currency items in a short period of time can choose three favorite maps to try their luck without being affected by the layout. Good impact. Currency as the final choice is obviously a problem. You can use some very rare and expensive spheres such as POE Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb to exchange more POE currency. The best way is to collect all the fallen rare objects and unidentified rings, belts and amulets, and pick up the rest of the fallen rare objects on each map, and then sell them all for profit.
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  • 01 Apr 2020
    Today, among these unique leagues made by Grinding Gear Games, The Metamorph League is one of the more unique leagues. Not only will new professions be created in the game, but also a large number of new bosses and monsters to be killed, and eventually get POE Currency and Exalted Orb from it. Players only fight boss monsters from the beginning to the end of the game, following the league prioritizes "bossing". The Metamorph League focuses on the endgame leader and archery archetype. But this does not mean that you can only become a ranger in the league, there are still other professions to choose from. In this league game guide, we will discuss how you should think about generating multiple genres and the Metamorph League need to be equipped with the corresponding additional features.So what is the concept of the Metamorph League? The Metamorph League released Conquerors of the Atlas as a challenge league on December 13, 2019. For the hardcore leagues, a new character (Tane Octavius) was specially created. In order to facilitate his creation of a Metamorph, he requires you to collect parts that can be obtained under certain monsters. Metamorph is more unusual than the ordinary leader you saw in Path Of Exile. In simple terms, it is a metamorphic boss that continuously changes its form and uses the actions of the enemy you killed to obtain its parts. It depends on the parts you have used from boss or monster, so there are no metamorphs exactly the same. Metamorphs can drop popular goods for players, such as POE Currency and Catalysts, because they are POE Items that can increase the quality of jewelry.The Best Metamorph League has been established. In order to reduce the difficulty of this league and facilitate the players to play, the following are some of the construction methods we think you can try.The first is Skeleton Necromancer Summoner. Although the small nerfs was obtained in patch note 3.8, there are still summoners / necromancers in the top ranks of Path of Exile. Thanks to the near-perfect leader ability, solid defense mechanism, and long-lasting servants, the construction of the Skull Necromancer Summoner does not require much material to be highly practical. Skeletons have higher DPS than zombies, which makes them a better choice for minions. It costs very little to build, not only has outstanding leadership skills, it is also quite good in the starter build! There is nothing better than this.The second is Holy Flame Totem Hierophant. If you don't have that much gold in your wallet and are looking for a starting build where you can straighten the endgame, the Holy Flame Totem Hierophant will be the best choice for you. In general, one of the most commonly used starting versions of Path of Exile includes the playstyle of the Totem. Not only does this release clean up and boot well, it is always invincible. Holy Flame Totems offers one of the highest single target DPS compared to other other spells, so don't be afraid to bring out fire to earn this POE Currency!With the help of these builds, even if you can't easily defeat Metamorphs, your collection of Catalyst will become easier and more convenient. Which version of the Metamorph League is your favorite? Leave a comment below the article and we want to know what you really think!
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Business 122 views Mar 25, 2020
Patch 3.10.1 on Path of Exile has been released in advance

The main update this time is to improve delirium and other diseases.On the Path of Exile's

website, players can view the brief introduction of the upcoming 3.10.1

version. In this version, Delirium and everything around it have been improved.

The Delirium update is as follows:
    The first is to adjust the visual presentation of the Delirium fog to improve visibility
 Monsters and backpacks will use the Delirium Death Corrector to add various lights to

increase skill damage display instructions
    Improved the Flameblast telegram effect, and the "Revenge Blast" modifier will generate

severe explosive heat damage (no longer cold damage)
 Revenge of Skyfire Meteor effect has been updated
  Broken Horror telegram and shock effects and audio updated
    Ground target registration directory has added Soul Mortar ability to Vengeful Soul

This version updates include a small portion of the POE Currency access usage standards, but

the main part is some bug fixes and some minor updates, including:

    After updating, select the map through the map device and you can start to set tasks.
    The influence of shapers and elders can also be appropriately used in territories with

conqueror influence
    If you have 4 watch stone levels in the atlas territory, you will get the divination

card and POE Orbs awarded to Perandus Manor. Cadiro Perandus provides you with the Perandus

estate, of course, according to your atlas Set the appropriate area.
   Doryani's mechanical world will be lowered by one level based on the Overwatch in the

appropriate area of ​​your atlas. This is equivalent to if you have collected 4 watch stones

in the area containing the maze map, then at its highest level, the magical world of Doriani

will drop there.
    When you choose "Favorite Map", the two options "Unique Map" and "Wal Temple Map" will

no longer appear prominently.
    Enemy debuff halo will not be affected by your x% halo effect modifier.

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