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  • 17 Apr 2020
    Blight is a major breakthrough on the Path of Exile, it provides players with some new tower defense style gameplay. The African continent is almost completely covered by dangerous fungi. What happens in this environment?The idea is that Wraeclast has become overcome by massive fungal growths. This will introduce a new wrinkle to the game's usual dungeon crawling and treasure hunting: tower defense. But even with this new gameplay element added in, this challenge league will remain fresh and accessible to players looking to jump on the Path of Exile train for the first time. Players will meet a new NPC character named Sister Cassia. She'll inform players about a wave of MMOAH fungal growths that have enveloped the island of Wraeclast. These growths can control the minds of nearby monsters, so Cassia calls upon players to destroy them. She has a device that can help, but it needs time in order to drain the ichor from the growths. While the device is running, players are tasked from protecting it from waves of incoming monsters.Players protect themselves by summoning monsters in battle with fungi. The monster will flow down the growing tendrils in a fixed pattern. Players can not only protect themselves through their own power, but also build defenses on many tendril passages related to fungal growth. For different monsters, many defense towers have many different functions. When fighting with monsters, the family must first analyze the type of monsters, so that they can defeat the monsters efficiently and quickly. The more difficult it is to grow, the more tendrils will be. The endgame map will contain up to 24 different tendril blight encounters.Throughout the game, you will not find many Blight encounters. On each map, players can only find one of these encounters, they mainly cause the transfer, and will not destroy the normal experience of exile. Players can obtain new items through these short battles, thereby increasing inventory.In the Blight encounter, players can pick up oils and apply it to different rings and amulets. If you want to change the function of the tower, Cassia seeds need to Buy POE Orbs be coated with two greases. If you want to offer a notable passive skill on the passive skill tree, you can use three kinds of grease to smear the amulet. The addition of Oils allows players to access passive skills from parts of the skill tree that might be far away from what's available in their character build.If you want to get a huge return, you can find Blighted Maps near the end of the Blight League, which takes the Blight encounter to a new level. These withered maps can be used like any regular feature, but this area will remove all regular monsters and be replaced by a huge withered encounter. Although it is particularly difficult in battle, as long as you succeed, you can get a high return.The Path of Exile has always been a very popular game for players, and the gameplay of the Blight Alliance has upgraded the game, making the Path of Exile a new level. I hope the simple overview above can help players , And also hope that interested players can join our family on the Path of Exile.
    262 Posted by LiCongFei LiCongFei
  • 14 Apr 2020
    Due to Buy POE Currency the current situation caused by the new crown epidemic, many players are quarantined at home. In order to better bring the game experience to players, the Grinding Gear Games team on the path of exile has developed some free mysterious boxes. Opening these boxes will give you a good game gift.The plan is designed to meet the needs of players from all over the world who are forced to stay at home due to government restrictions. So how do players get these boxes? Players need to enter the software store and follow the instructions to enter the game store directly: after access, the box will be automatically added to your account.If you go directly to the game's web page, you cannot access them. In addition, according to Grinding Gear regulations, if you want to get a free box, players need to have their own independent account.In this season, the Delirium expansion not only added new Cluster Jewel system, new abilities and auxiliary gems, new bosses and terrible demons, but also added other enhancements and improvements. Atlas endgame. The passive skill tree located in the Jewls cluster can be expanded, allowing you to add one of 280 new Notables skills.Finally, I think the company that developed Path of Exile not only provides players with a better gaming experience, but also brings some warmth to Buy POE Orbs players in the world who are currently in trouble. At the same time, I also hope that the company can provide players with more gifts and increase the player's pleasure in the game world.
    252 Posted by LiCongFei LiCongFei
  • 21 Apr 2020
    Path of Exile is a dark fantasy-style online action game with the background of Valkras-the place people call the island of death. The Path of Exile is an all-round online game built entirely on a huge variety of items, character development, PvP competition, and competition ladders. Below is a summary of the Path of Exile:Skill Gem SystemPowerful and refreshing skills and various treasures are the core of MMOAH the Path of Exile (action adventure game). The skill in the Path of Exile is an item-the skill gem embedded in the item slot will give the exiles the ability to use this skill. If you want to further strengthen these skills, you need to use a large number of auxiliary gems. During the battle, if the player wants to cast multiple scattered fireballs at once, you can strengthen your fireball to bounce between enemies. A skill is reinforced by up to five auxiliary skills at the same time. Because gem levels and experience are independent and some gems are more difficult to obtain, if players want to achieve better results in combat, they can purchase equipment to increase their level and increase experience on the trading market.Talent TreeThe huge talent tree in the Path of Exile is connected regardless of profession. In other words, players can not only choose the talent of the profession, you can also point to the talents of other professions. The starting point of the talent tree will be determined according to the occupation chosen by the exiles. Exiles can choose talents that are closer to the starting point of their careers, or they can choose talents from other career blocks to combine powerful talents of their own style. In the talent tree, there are many core talents distributed in various corners. If players want to change the direction of the exile genre, they can try to find these core talents. Perseverance cannot produce a critical strike, and at the same time, it cannot be evaded by the opponent. Psionic Aegis means that all attributes on the shield will only be applied to your summons and not the character itself. It is jewelry that allows exiles to greatly adjust the talent tree effect, and even some jewelry can increase or affect the effects of talents around them.Item SystemThe Path of Exile is a game centered around various items. The potion in the path of POE Trade Currency exile has attribute affixes that can be changed, it is not a consumable. If the exiles want to hit the "Alien Map" around the world, it must be after the game plot ends. These maps can make it more difficult, but the corresponding rewards will be more abundant. We remove the concept of using gold coins as the main currency in the general game, and use the "stone" items that players hit as the currency of the transaction. The current item system is carefully evaluated and carefully designed to conform to the spirit of action-adventure games.One of the greatest fun of playing action RPG is the fun of playing with other players at the new starting point! In Path of Exile, I hope that everyone can experience this kind of fun without destroying the mature economy and environment. Therefore, each season will hold many independent short-term competitions, which will allow all participants Enjoy the fun of competing with others from the same starting line without affecting the original participation in the world.In addition to general competition, challenging the world is more likely to subvert the rules in the game and enjoy a more diverse Path of Exile. In the world of totem challenges, ancient totems will appear along with monster groups to enhance their abilities. In the accelerated world, the movement and attack speed of monsters will be 60% faster than usual.
    245 Posted by LiCongFei LiCongFei
  • 15 Apr 2020
    Path of Exile has received Update 1.34. You can now download this patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You will find that Path of Exile Update 1.34 is a medium-sized patch, as it has various bug fixes, Metamorph improvements, Atlas improvements, and more. Something that stands out is that they fixed a bug where Sulphite could not be gathered in areas above level 83.Path of Exile is a free action and role-playing game that follows the “free to play” model to offer us a Diablo-like experience in which we must choose between a character class and then make it evolve wherever we want, while facing hordes of MMOAH enemies in the dungeons of the game.Below, you will find a list of Exile Update 1.34 patch notes.Console Specific ChangesFixed a bug which could cause a black screen when you launched your client. Fixed a client crash in Path of Exile that could occur in the Anointing UI. Fixed a client crash that could occur when using a sextant. Fixed a client crash that could occur when interacting with watchstones.Atlas improvements:Fixed the incorrect Atlas quest information being shown after migrating a character. Fixed a bug in Path of Exile where Citadels were still being hidden when the boss encounter was not available. Fixed a bug where Influence items were not dropping from monsters in maps influenced by Conquerors of the Atlas (they could drop from chests). Fixed a bug where the“Defeat Conquerors Conditionally”challenge conditions were sometimes not completing correctly. Fixed a bug where the Conquerors of the Atlas bosses would retarget when taunted. Added new lore objects to the Conqueror of the Atlas boss areas.Other fixes and improvements:Added 3D art for The Ivory Tower unique body armour. Fixed a bug where Awakened Cast on Crit was adding a cooldown to supported skills. Fixed the new influence gem level mods incorrectly snapshotting. Fixed a bug in some cases where the Volatile Dead limit was not being enforced. Fixed more cases where multiple Vaal Side areas could spawn attached to an area. Fixed a bug in Path of Exile where Sulphite could not be gathered in areas above level 83. Fixed the item filter settings not saving when using languages other than English. Fixed a bug where updating an item filter on the website would de-select it in-game. Fixed item names displaying incorrectly on rare items when using the Russian language. Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map. Fixed a bug after migrating a character that could cause Citadels to be missing. Fixed another client crash that could occur at Legion encounters. Fixed a client crash when supporting some skills with Arrow Nova Support. Fixed an instance and client crash that could occur during a Metamorph encounter. Fixed an instance crash in Path of POE Trade Currency Exile that could occur in certain Betrayal states. Fixed a rare instance crash that could occur in Mao Kun.
    244 Posted by LiCongFei LiCongFei
Family & Home 267 views Apr 19, 2020
The Path of Exile: Melee Remake Fighting Ancient Legion

On the Path of Exile, there is a league that can provide some fun for veterans and novices, and bring them a lot of fun. This league is to enable players to battle the ancient legions with melee remakes, and gives players the opportunity to fight the army from the history of the dungeon crawler.

How can players be teleported to Buy POE Currency the Domain of Timeless Conflict? Just enter the Monolith that sits in the center of the new content league for Legion, and when you get there, players will have a fixed time to attack as many enemies as possible. Players can freeze enemies at a fixed time. During this fixed time, players can try to summon as many enemies as possible, and use all their power to defeat the enemies that are about to be resurrected, so as to get rewards. Then until the end of time, each enemy player tag will resurrect and attack them.

After killing some monsters, these monsters will fall into slivers, and each army will get its own corresponding sliver. If you can gather 50 of them into an Emblem, you will summon an army through the Map device. Players need two to five emblems to activate the new content, and it may take several days to earn all these pieces.

In addition, there are not only the fragments of these monsters, but also 12 new unique items that already come with a set of functions. Aukuna's Will can summon zombies without corpses and makes your zombies count as corpses. Voll's Protector is an older item that got a Legion upgrade, making it useful to players who want to build tanky.

In the early days, developers were ignoring some early content, making it difficult for new players to Buy POE Orbs learn learning skills and kill Boss. Later, after the developers accepted some accumulation, they made the game can cancel the attack animation, immediately activate the mobile skills, melee attacks will hit multiple different enemies. Now, every player can gain mobility early in the game, so that they can avoid and weave upcoming attacks.

In the latest version of the Path of Exile, the game gives players an unprecedented sense of game experience, allowing more players to join. Finally, I hope that the game can be made better and better.