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  • 23 Apr 2019
    Tours in China are not just all about skyscrapers, theme parks and man-made eye candies. It is more of a travel through time. Every city is graced by its diversity and strengthened by its culture and tradition. This nation grew filled with great chronicles and limitless advancements in technology. China is a big country that has everything to offer. But like most travellers, you want to get the most out of your travels even for just a limited number of days. Here are the 10 Best tours in China that will leave a savvy traveller like you satisfied.   Cruising on the Yangtze River The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the 3rd longest in the world. Extending 3,914 miles long, a phenomenal river cruise tour is offered to take you to a breathtaking view of the east, southwest and mainland China. One of the main attraction of the tour is seeing the glaciers of Qinghai-Tibet plateau in Qinghai, east of China. This cruise may last up to 11 days depending on your tour package preference.     Pandas in China Travelling to China is not complete without seeing Pandas. If you think of China, Panda instantly comes to mind. Pandas became so popular because of their gullible nature. Seeing them on video doing silly things makes people happy. But, seeing them in person doing these silly things will probably make you weep of happy tears. Several tours may include interacting with them. Apart from Panda viewing, one of the perks of this tour is experiencing the all-natural landscapes surrounding their habitat. Most of these panda parks are designed for a total wildlife experience. This is also where cute and cuddly Panda souvenirs are sold. This tour is definitely suitable for kids of all ages.   Shanxi Heritage Tour One of the districts that preserved the golden era of China is the district of Shanxi. This 156,000 square meter paradise brings a time travel experience. It is back when China was ruled over dynasties and empires. Here you will find exemplar collections of Buddhist creations, remnants of the Ming-Qing Empire and lastly, Xian’s Terracota Army museum. Shanxi is a popular choice for Buddha collectors and fanatics. This place also offers ancient villas that has astounding architecture surrounded by striking landscapes.   Shanghai Fun Shanghai, the biggest and most developed city in China is a Metropolis built for the latest trends and upscale lifestyle. This is the best place to go on a shopping tour, hopping from one designer store to the next. The city offers a millennial vibe suited for people that are always on the go. After a long day in Shanghai, the locals usually end it with a tasty Chinese hot pot. This is a must-try experience for tourists hungry from the endless sight-seeings.   Suzhou Tour The timeless romantic vibe brought by the City of Suzhou is what made this tour a part of the list. Some call it the Venice of the East because of its classic canals, picturesque gardens, rock bridges and beautiful towering pagodas. This city creates a perfect postcard-like dreamy backdrop that will make you fall in love with the place. Suzhou is a very laidback city where you can relax and enjoy while away from the crowded cities of China.   Silk Road Adventure The Silk Road Tour is a manifestation of how China grew to be a wealthy country because of crossing borders to do businesses. This Silk Road goes back to the era where countries like India, Persia, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Rome started bridging its silk produce. This tour has plenty of varieties. Beginning at the city of Xian, tourists can opt for the classic route that passes through Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan and Kashgar. This tour usually takes 10 days to complete. However, there are also shorter silk road adventure tours that are customized for rapid travellers. This experience comes with a hefty price, but the experience is worthwhile.   Staying in Lhasa With an altitude of 3,490 metres, this breathtaking city of Lhasa will sweep you off your feet. Several tourists go on a pilgrimage to seclude themselves from the fast-paced busy lifesyle they have back home. This area on the Tibetan Plateau takes pride in its rich heritage and religious beliefs of the Tibetan Society. This tour will not be just a sight-seeing adventure, but a worthy social detox.   Roam around Xian Xian, China is one of the most popular cities for tourists. The beauty of Xian lies in its historic landscapes, warmth from its people and its beautifully grizzled architecture that reminds us in the country’s strength. Bicycle-riding is the best way to navigate the city of Xian. You will find antique shops filled with souvenir miniature terracotta armies, art galleries, and museums. Xian is also known for its sumptuous Chinese dishes that will fill your travelling bellies.   The Famous Great Wall of China Your China tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Great Wall. To step foot on a structure built thousand years ago is epically profound. The Great Wall of China offers a beautiful scenery that is camera-worthy. It will surely feel like an endless pilgrim, but every step will be worth it. The Hills of Guilin To see something phenomenal like the hills of Guilin will change you. You can see the fascinating cone-shaped hills, connecting the sky and water into this one beautiful Atlantis. The best way to devour its beauty is by joining a river cruise. It goes on a leisurely speed from Guilin to Yangshuo. This tranquil experience is the best way to wrap up your total China travels. With China being one of the most colossal countries in the world, it may require for a longer stay and a hefty expense to really indulge in these tours. However, there are always alternatives suited for a tourist’s preference. Just be ready to explore and enjoy the wonders and beauty of the land of birthed empires and dynasties.
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Lifestyle & Travel 3,378 views Dec 15, 2018
Explore Vietnam and Cambodia

Deluxe tours has released its 2019/20 announcement, supplying guests the opportunity to explore the two historical French colonies of Vietnam and Cambodia, whilst cruising the Mekong River.

The unforgettable 16 day Vietnam & Cambodia Tours Shows explore specializes in the beautiful elements that produce these countries so one-of-a-kind, with trips to small tributaries and neighborhood villages.

Visitors can anticipate to get a more deeply knowledge of the high cultural history of Vietnam and also Cambodia, as they learn around a lot more intimate information on custom as well as day-to-day Mekong life.



Relax at Angkor Wat to start to see the sensational dawn, watch local people make art pottery under their stilt homes, and get a standard blessing from Buddhist monks at a monastery in Oudong.

Additional highlights add seeing the fascinating and enchanted ruins of Angkor located in Siem Reap, cruising the Mekong River and touring in Sai Gon (now is Ho Chi Minh City).

New to 2019, travellers are invited to enjoy 5 star accommodation from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap including the famous 5 star hotel brands. Adding to the luxury tours, you also have 7 nights fully-inclusive cruise on board one of Pandaw's cruise including daily guided journeys, as well as all meals & drinks.



Like a seven-night deluxe Mekong River luxury cruise aboard the cruise through the excursion, with delicious food as well as drinks. Each collection includes two terraces, ideal for enjoying the colourful floating marketplaces go by.

For all those that plan and to explore Asia even more, Contact me to have wide range of tours package and unique deals. One of famous tours that is China including a cruise along the Yangtze River.