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How to Map Out Your Kitchen Remodel’s Scope of Work (6 photos)

3. Meet the pros at your home or virtually. Start seeing who you like, who asks the right questions, who is willing to give you some rough numbers, and what he or she needs to do so. Some firms don’t work this way — they might have showrooms and want you to meet them on their turf. Pros who offer video consultations through Houzz may list this service on their Houzz profile, and you can schedule a meeting with them directly from their Houzz profile or directory listing.

Many contractors want a full drawing set before they’ll bid on a job. Others will be willing to do a walk-through and give you some rough numbers, nothing line-itemed or detailed. I recommend doing this with an experienced contractor. A novice may underestimate or overshoot the budget by a wide range. Ideally, having some basic space, electrical, mechanical and lighting plans will help a contractor get you a more accurate estimate.

This is only the first phase of pricing. You’ll want to reestimate based on detailed, finished plans before signing a contract. Otherwise you run the risk of having to get change orders down the road, which can be pricey.

How to Find a Designer or an Architect Using Houzz Photos

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