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Your Houzz: Making Health and Wellness a Priority

Among the many employee perks at Houzz is our Healthy at Houzz program, which helps employees make health, fitness and wellbeing a priority. Available in all of our offices globally, this program includes activities such as sponsored marathons, boot camps, boxing and barre classes, to name a few. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, we transitioned all Houzz-sponsored wellness classes to virtual experiences for our teams to participate around the world, promoting healthy activities like, yoga, meditation and ergonomic consultations, while working from home. 

For this month’s “Your Houzz” blog series, where we get to know more about Houzzers’ lives both inside and outside of the office, we asked Houzzers what the Healthy at Houzz program means to them and found out how they’re staying healthy at home.

What does Healthy at Houzz mean to you?
“I used to work out every day in the Houzz gym, so I really appreciate that Houzz gives me a chance to work out during the pandemic. Healthy at Houzz continues to improve my productivity and keeps me focused on my health.” – Zeng F., Engineering

“Healthy at Houzz means quality of life, longevity and performance to me. I’ve noticed that how my body and mind feels, truly impacts how I’m able to be present, and perform well throughout the day. It’s important in the work from home environment (especially during these times) to have a well developed Healthy at Houzz program because we can be far more sedentary, with much less ergonomics, than we had when we were in the office.” – Vernell H., Houzz Pro Sales

What has been your favorite Healthy at Houzz event of 2020?
“Pre-pandemic, I took part in a couple of boxing sessions organized by our amazing office team. Throughout the pandemic, I have enjoyed taking part in the stress management training that is available to all Houzzers. I’ve also utilized online resources such as healthy recipes and home workouts that were shared by other Houzzers.” – Heather D., Talent Acquisition

How are you staying healthy while working at home?
“I built a home gym and I lift weights with my kids.” – Uriel F., Mobile Development

“I’m trying to cook every day, and I have fresh food for lunch and dinner. I also meditate for 10 minutes a day, coupled with a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. When I have the time, I attend Healthy at Houzz sessions organized by our Workplace Experience team.” – Stella Z., Talent Acquisition

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