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Houzz Tour: Townhouse in a 19th-Century Dairy Redesigned (26 photos)

When this couple returned home to Toronto after a decade-long stint in the Middle East, they were ready to give their townhouse a refresh. Their unique home is located in a 19th-century dairy building in the city’s Riverdale District. The dairy had been converted into three three-story townhouses during the 1980s. The homeowners had worked with architectural and landscape architectural firm PLANT Architect on their unit’s small garden in 2011 and brought them back to design a fourth-floor addition.

When that addition turned out to be prohibitively expensive, the architectural design team had to regroup. Instead of adding more space, they came up with clever design solutions to create lighter and more sophisticated interiors that function better and feel more spacious. “It was a real game-changer,” says architect Lisa Rapoport, who collaborated with architectural designer Lisa Dietrich on the project. They played off the beautiful arched windows, the high ceilings and the couple’s art collection. A redesigned staircase, a thoughtful lighting scheme and new cherry and walnut millwork were just a few of the impactful changes they made.

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