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9 White-and-Yellow Paint Color Pairings to Consider (18 photos)

For a similar look: Calla Lily by Benjamin Moore has a similar softness and White Wisp by Benjamin Moore is one of my go-to whites. It has a slight gray-green undertone that works well with yellow, green and blue accent colors.

Tip: If you’re having trouble determining if a white is warm, cool or neutral, grab your white paint swatches and lay them on top of a piece of plain white printer paper and compare how they look against the paper, as well as to each other.

You’ll notice that some swatches look warmer in comparison (with red, orange, yellow or brown undertones) or cooler (with green, blue, violet or gray undertones). Neutral whites have a slight tint when compared with pure white, but the tint is neither overly warm nor cool.

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