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Kitchen of the Week: Cooking Is Front and Center in This House (14 photos)

After: The architects flipped the living room and kitchen and placed a dining room between the two. The style is streamlined and modern. While the clients are drawn to minimalism, they curate collections of favorite things. Emerson and Lawrence were able to get a good idea of their style by visiting their former home and seeing their artwork and furniture.

“As soon as I saw their stuff, I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be good,’ ” Emerson says. Their possessions include iconic midcentury modern pieces, an extensive collection of Heath Ceramics dishware and the poster seen here in the new dining area. “This poster exemplifies their favorite colors,” Emerson says. It also illustrates the playful and dynamic feeling the family wanted to work into a clean-lined and relatively spare design.

“They also visited our studio and were excited about what they saw there,” Lawrence says. “We could tell we were all like-minded in terms of style and that working with them would be a good fit. The husband is a surgeon and has a super-keen, precise eye.”

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