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10 Times That Painting a Claw-Foot Tub Spruced Up a Bathroom (10 photos)

2. Copper keeper. A North Carolina homeowner turned her tub into a vintage beauty with a DIY project. Here’s how she achieved this vintage copper look:

First, she painted the outside of the tub black. She then sponged copper metallic paint over the black. (It can sometimes take more than one coat.)

To create the vintage look, she added a few verdigris highlights.

Next, she wiped on a layer of antiquing craft paint. She recommends that you reapply the copper, verdigris or glaze as needed to get the desired look.

She didn’t add a sealant over the outside because she liked the dull look, but she says you could add one, especially if you want a glossy finish.

Tip: Allow several days to complete this project as each coat of paint will need time to dry thoroughly. The homeowner recommends letting each layer of paint dry for at least a day before applying another.

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