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Historical Carriage House Transformed Into an Artist’s Studio (20 photos)

Nancy and Mark Jarzombek had a beautiful 1910 carriage house on their property that was full of potential. But 20 years ago when they wanted to turn it into a studio and library space, the strict zoning bylaws for historical projects in Belmont, Massachusetts, prevented them from heating it. They went ahead and turned one side into a library space that was too cold to use during the winter months, while the other side sat as an unfinished garage. But Nancy, an artist who illustrates books, always had a vision for the building as a studio.

Fast forward two decades and the zoning bylaws had loosened up, allowing structures like the carriage house to be transformed into habitable spaces. So the homeowners hired design-build firm principal Glenn Travis to help them carry out their vision. Lovers of architectural salvage, the couple sourced many materials for the space themselves, while Travis brought their strong vision to life. The result is an inviting, insulated and heated studio complete with a cleanup area and powder room.

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