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Design Pop: Victorian Style Inspiration for ‘Little Women’ Fans (12 photos)

Narrow windows and eclectic formal furnishings are often found in today’s versions of traditional Victorian decor.

What Is Victorian Style?

The Victorian era refers to the years when Great Britain’s Queen Victoria reigned, from 1837 to 1901. Architecture and decor trends varied widely within that period, but Anne De Wolf, co-owner and principal designer at design-build firm Arciform in Portland, Oregon, says that whether a house was a manor like Little Women’s sprawling Plumfield, where Aunt March lived, or a humble farmhouse like the one the rest of the family called home, verticality was a unifying element.

It was also a time when homeowners were eager to emulate the grandeur of European decor and give off a sophisticated air of worldliness, so ornamentation and eclectic, globally inspired motifs were big.

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