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Have a Picnic! 8 Ways to Make the Most of the Coming Weekend (8 photos)

5. Swap out slipcovers. If you have a few different slipcovers, this is a good weekend to trade out the heavier set for light summer whites. Don’t have slipcovers? If you’d like to get more versatility out of your current furniture (and help the upholstery last longer) consider investing in a set.

Check with the manufacturer of your furniture first — there could be a readymade option available for your model. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf style you love, you can hire a local seamstress to make a custom slipcover. Slipcovers (especially tailor-made ones) aren’t cheap, but they do typically cost far less than buying a new couch, and they can give your furniture a whole new look.

Slipcover Magic: Casual, Washable and Fresh for the Season

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