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Ever Found or Left a Note in the Wall the Way This Couple Did? (5 photos)

Our coffee can capsule even made the local paper, shown here. That’s me, age 22 months, and my older brothers and cousin peeking out between the exposed beams where our secret treasure would go.

Our homes are a powerful link between the lives we’re now living, the lives that played out within our walls in the past, and the lives that will unfold there in the future. These kinds of messages and stories, Monney says, appeal to everybody.

“People are interested in history and finding things and discovering things like this, and in a world that’s just full of negative news and negative things happening all of the time, it’s kind of a nice, warm, feel-good story,” she says. “And [it] makes you wonder about your own home.”

Tell us: Have you ever left a note or a time capsule for your home’s future owners? Have you found a note from the people who lived in your house before you? Share your stories and photos in the Comments.

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