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6 Bold and Beautiful Design Strategies for Low-Water Landscapes (7 photos)

6. Go Bold With Houseplants (and Choose Ones You Won’t Kill)

A self-described houseplant addict, Nolan knows the impact a well-chosen houseplant can make in a space. In the corner of this room, for example, an oversize Euphorbia ammak ‘Variegata’ adds size, color and design oomph to the simple arrangement.

The plant on the table is a sansevieria, a go-to houseplant for Nolan. “My own home and clients’ projects almost always contain one or a dozen kinds of Sansevieria. They’re just the easiest — you can leave for a month and come home to a still-living plant,” he says.

Plant list: Sansevieria and Euphorbia ammak ‘Variegata’
Light requirement: Bright, indirect light for euphorbia; low light for sansevieria
Water requirement: Low

On Working With a Landscape Designer

“I think it’s important to really edit your inspiration points,” Nolan says. “ I see photos clients have saved that go from Japanese minimalism to cactus gardens to California meadows, and it’s really too much. I tell my clients to pick a direction and stick to it.

“Selecting a designer is a lot like picking a partner. It’s absolutely fine to go on a lot of dates and see what’s out there, but when you select a designer you definitely need to trust their vision and really commit. I’ve seen it happen too many times where a client will change or do the ‘What if we…,’ and the wheels fall off. So my advice is to really listen to your designers.”

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