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Don’t Put the Patio Furniture Away Just Yet (12 photos)

1. Choose the materials of your outdoor furniture wisely. Investing in outdoor furniture made from weather-hardy materials can make a big difference in how a set holds up over time, what maintenance is required to keep it looking good and whether or not you need to bring it under a covered area or tarp it over the winter.

“Outdoor furniture should generally be natural teak wood or stainless steel, or other metals with very durable industrially applied paint finishes,” says architect Paul Davis, founder of Los Angeles-based Paul Davis Architects. While there are also many waterproof outdoor products made from fiberglass or plastic-based materials, Davis notes that they aren’t quite as durable as those made of natural teak, stainless steel or coated metal.

For this patio in Newport Beach, California, Davis selected a Richard Schultz set, part of the 1966 line by Knoll, for its classic midcentury modern lines and durability. The sofa and chairs’ frames are made of weather-resistant powder-coated aluminum, while the seats and backs are made of a vinyl-polyester mesh, so they’re soft while still being entirely waterproof.

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