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10 Things to Enhance Your Powder Room for the Holidays or Anytime (10 photos)

Holiday and party guests may never see your bedroom or home office, but they’ll likely make a stop in the powder room. With a little extra care, you can make this small but hardworking space welcoming, whether for a special occasion or drop-in visitors. Here are 10 touches to help dress up your powder room for company.

1. Orchids

Longer lasting than a bouquet of flowers and undeniably elegant, orchids make a smart choice for the powder room.

While rare varieties of orchids can be expensive, you can often find budget-friendly potted orchids right in your local grocery store.

Orchids like bright indirect light, so a sink by a shaded window would be ideal.

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2. Posh Wastebasket

Is it silly that something as small as a wastebasket can make an impression? Maybe so, but upgrading this detail can boost your powder room’s stylishness just the same.

Look for one made from a material with a bit of shine like brass, copper, wire or ceramic.

3. Monogrammed Linens

Setting out fresh cloth hand towels with your monogram is a welcoming personal touch. For a budget-friendly option, go for a single-letter monogram. Triple-letter monograms are elegant but tend to cost more since they are made to order.

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4. Scent Diffuser

You may not feel comfortable leaving a lit candle in the powder room during a party, especially if children are present. But having a pleasing scent in the space is a gracious detail.

Choose a scent diffuser in a subtle fragrance and set it on the sink or a nearby shelf. You’ll get all the good vibes without the flame.

5. Nice Soap and Hand Lotion

Swap out your usual no-frills hand soap for a pretty matching set of liquid soap and lotion. It’s such a simple thing, but guests really appreciate it.

Bonus points if you pick a seasonally inspired scent like apple cider or pumpkin spice in fall and peppermint or pine in winter.

6. Vase of Flowers

In the powder room (already a small space), a mini bouquet can make a big impression. Place a bud vase or other small vessel (cream pitchers and julep cups work well) on the sink and fill it with a few stems of freshly cut flowers. And if you have a bouquet in another room already, just pull out a few stems for the powder room — no need to buy anything extra.

7. Pretty Little Tray

Corralling things on trays is a staple decorator trick. If you don’t already have a small tray you could use, keep an eye out at flea markets for vintage trays. Setting your soap and bud vase on a pretty little ceramic or silver tray will make your powder room setup look intentionally designed.

8. Seasonal Wreath

Around the holidays, including a wreath in the powder room can make the space feel really festive. Pick up a wreath of fresh greenery, preserved olive branches, magnolia leaves or winter berries and hang it right over the mirror.

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9. Statement-Making Mirror

If your powder room has an easily removable mirror, swapping it for something with more personality can be a great way to refresh the space.

Generally speaking, opting for a mirror the same size or larger than the old one makes for the easiest (that is, fewest holes to fill) swap.

10. New Paint Color

Have a free weekend in your future and want to give your powder room a whole new look? A new wall color can offer the biggest impact. Don’t be afraid to go bold: Navy, charcoal and even black look elegant in a bite-size space.

Your turn: How do you dress up your powder room? Share a photo in the Comments!

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