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A Small Bathroom Lets a Teen Live Large (9 photos)

Before. “This was an old, outdated space that was not practical or pretty,” Fee says. “It was cramped and there was a lack of storage.”

Solutions. Fee replaced the tub-shower combo with a stand-up shower stall with a clear glass surround, and she customized the drawers to maximize storage. She also kept clutter at bay by installing a lighted mirror instead of other types of lighting around the vanity.

Shower versus tub-shower. Replacing a tub-shower combo with a stand-up shower stall often triggers a debate here on Houzz. Fee offers some guidance for making this decision, below. This was not the only bathtub in the house, which made the decision easier.

“Replacing the old tub-shower allowed for more standing space in the shower and an overall feeling of a larger bathroom, even though we maintained the same 5-by-7 footprint,” Fee says. I’d say a good rule of thumb for replacing a bathtub with a shower is, if it’s right for the house it will be right for the next homeowner. Here the bathroom was such a tight space that a stand-up shower was most comfortable and practical for this bathroom.”

But what if it’s the only bathroom in the house? “This can be a tough call and boils down to household usage,” Fee says. These days she finds that if a bathroom is small, most of her clients are going for a shower stall. “There are temporary tubs on the market that can be placed in the shower. Ultimately I do what’s best for the home and the existing homeowner, because down the line a new homeowner will either love the entire house or plan a remodel of their own,” she says.

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